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Tips When Buying Solar Power System

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Purchasing a solar power system for your home could be an extremely thrilling experience, however, you should never be too carried away by advertising. Make sure to concentrate on the vital factors while buying a solar power system since it is a substantial investment. Also, it is a thing that will be with you for a long time. Below are some of the useful tips to consider and aspects you should search for as you buy a system. 


As your colleague, neighbors, friends, or family who have had installed solar PV systems. Usually, the greatest tips you can get as you buy solar panels come from your neighborhood. They can let you know about their experiences and maybe they can caution you on any issues that they have encountered. This way, you can avoid such problems that must be avoided. 

Duration of the warranty of the manufacturer 

Keep in mind looking for the guarantees that the solar panel provider in Austin provides. Once the manufacturer is trustworthy and the panel’s warranty period is substantial (25 years at best) you can immediately anticipate that your solar system will be long-lasting, long enough for you to make you a profit and pay for itself. But, to honor a warranty, the manufacturer should still be operating. Hence, you should be careful in choosing a brand and make sure that they don’t have a track record. 

Expect realistic price 

Once you’re considering paying less compared to other quoted systems, you might observe poor installation work and/or poor-quality equipment. Quality installation and quality are not cheap and, similar to other purchases, you usually obtain what you pay for. 

You can try comparing warranty periods and components and check into the company that will provide the installation. Though well-established and large companies can convey a considerable amount of saving because of increased buying power, some companies usually minimize expenses by curtailing essential corners. 

Certifications of solar panels 

This can apply to all purchases of solar panels, particularly to the purchases that can interest a government rebate. The solar panels’ certifications specify the testing type that they’ve encountered. Some types of certifications are self-assessed. Thus, they depend on the honesty of the company based on what it is claiming. 

Choose the panel type you prefer 

Before, people believe that you would require mono-crystalline solar panels that are very expensive and highly efficient once you had limited roof space. Nowadays, this idea has rapidly changed dues to some thin film technologies and innovations in polycrystalline panel technology. Still, you might want to think about the panel size vs. output even though you have sufficient roof space. If you fill up your roof with poor-quality panels, it doesn’t maximize the space’s power output and it could possibly impact your ability to add more panels over time. Aside from that, it is essential to keep in mind that despite what the claim is, no solar panel technology will generate a substantial amount of power in full shade. 

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